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August 8, 2018

New Next

We outlived the future.

This is a good thing. I like it. I’ve outlived (space) 1999 and 2000AD and 2001 and next year I clear BLADE RUNNERs 2019. We’re barely two feet into the 21st Century and it’s all a blank sheet of paper from here. No maps for these territories. I like it. It’s freeing. Now we’ve gotten used to the speed of the 21C, we can all quit complaining about how near-future sf gets overtaken by the times so quickly and just swing crazily from here to 2101. I hope for, and fully expect, futures scenarios to get weirder and wilder, hyperlocal and supermodernglobal, very quickly. 2001 to 2018 has been the training ground for the New Next.

I’m looking forward to the New Next. I outlived the old future. Give me a new one to live for.

August 7, 2018

You don’t have to live in public on the internet if you don’t want to. Even if you’re a public figure, or micro-famous like me. I don’t follow anyone on my public Instagram account. No shade on those who follow me there, I’m glad you give me your time - but I need to be in my own space to get my shit done. You want a hack” for handling the internet? Create private social media accounts, follow who you want and sit back and let your bespoke media channels flow to you.

These are tools, not requirements. Don’t let them make you miserable. Tune them until they bring you pleasure.

This is a test. No, really. I’m just testing something.

August 4, 2018


I just want to stick a test file in here to see what happens. Also I might delete the file later and see if it unpublishes.

Let’s see if I’ve remembered how Markdown works. help

July 17, 2018

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