siri how do i fund an internet radio station sob

Berlin Community Radio has been there for me for years, a channel to the present and future. Always surprising, often glorious, superbly curated and an essential part of my every week, no matter where I was. It’s closing down next month. A month before my country severs itself from Europe. A confluence that depresses me.

For me, there was nothing quite like Berlin Community Radio, and I just wanted to put something somewhere where I could properly say thank you to the organisers for six years of hard work and expense that made me feel like there was a radio station for me. Thank you.

January 8, 2019

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December 3, 2018

This is actually just me testing a connection between phone app and site. Managed to get a decent walk today for the first time in five weeks, making it all the way down to the water and back up to the pub for a glass of red wine. The light and the clouds are insane today - gold and lace. So are the gulls. When I eventually move away from the Delta, I will miss the gulls. Nostalgic for a thing that has not yet happened. There’s a word for that, I suppose. Sehnsucht or saudade.

Listening to Brainwashed podcast - Cosey Fanni Tutti followed by Jessica Bailiff.

November 14, 2018

If you thought GDPR compliance was annoying, this is going to be the black death compared to a mild cold. If you have a business model that involves taking in content from the public online, it’s time to get out of that business, because this just made it impossible.

Eleanor Saitta on Twitter, regarding the new EU online copyright directives.

I talked about this on the newsletter at the weekend a bit, but in broad terms I think Ella probably has it right. It’s not just going to affect the EU - anyone who interacts with the EU will strike it, just as non-GDPR-compliant US news operations block views from the EU.

Like everything else these days, I’m watching from a distance. I work in older businesses and largely on legacy platforms. My idiot country is busy murdering itself by Brexit, all my work is in the US, I’m off social media and I use the internet to send letters. It feels like the blowback from this is going to be manifold. This is mostly a note to myself to watch what happens.

September 12, 2018

stupid toot thing

On November 13 2017 I posted this to Mastodon:

ME: sits alone in the wasteland for a year, making tools out of the bones of abandoned accounts

COMICS TWITTER: hey look new space there’s nothing here but bones and that old guy in the hood whittling something

ME: stop looking at my bone wife i’ve been alone here for decades

I set up an account on in November 2016.

Design Tech Twitter arrived a few weeks ago. And was presented with the problem of a federated social network - it exists on many many instances at once, and you have to join one, and the whole system is a bit slow to propagate out things like avatars and bios. And you have to guess which instance you want to be on. sounds central. looks like a dark web address. But one has no primacy over another in the United Instances Of Mastodon.

My account was locked. I see people trying to follow me from two or three different instance accounts at once. I think one of the pain points of Mastodon is making itself clear — people join whatever instance was made visible to them, and then find an instance all their friends are on. The onboarding process will need adapting, if this adoption cycle doesn’t end in a couple of weeks.

I will probably never find out. The instance I joined, if I look at the local timeline, is basically loud crap. But! They finally solved one of Mastodon’s peculiar early quirks — you can now delete your account.

So I just deleted mine.

August 29, 2018

Oustanding Achievement In A Film With Explosions

Best Film Screened In Flyover Country

If Ridley Scott Doesn’t Get An Oscar Before He Dies We Will Be Fired

Most Popular Film That Isn’t Just About Actors Crying Really Well

Jesus Fucking Christ We Really Want People To Watch The Oscars Again

Film Most Likely To Sell Advertising For The Awards Broadcast

August 8, 2018

New Next

We outlived the future.

This is a good thing. I like it. I’ve outlived (space) 1999 and 2000AD and 2001 and next year I clear BLADE RUNNERs 2019. We’re barely two feet into the 21st Century and it’s all a blank sheet of paper from here. No maps for these territories. I like it. It’s freeing. Now we’ve gotten used to the speed of the 21C, we can all quit complaining about how near-future sf gets overtaken by the times so quickly and just swing crazily from here to 2101. I hope for, and fully expect, futures scenarios to get weirder and wilder, hyperlocal and supermodernglobal, very quickly. 2001 to 2018 has been the training ground for the New Next.

I’m looking forward to the New Next. I outlived the old future. Give me a new one to live for.

August 7, 2018

You don’t have to live in public on the internet if you don’t want to. Even if you’re a public figure, or micro-famous like me. I don’t follow anyone on my public Instagram account. No shade on those who follow me there, I’m glad you give me your time - but I need to be in my own space to get my shit done. You want a hack” for handling the internet? Create private social media accounts, follow who you want and sit back and let your bespoke media channels flow to you.

These are tools, not requirements. Don’t let them make you miserable. Tune them until they bring you pleasure.

This is a test. No, really. I’m just testing something.

August 4, 2018


I just want to stick a test file in here to see what happens. Also I might delete the file later and see if it unpublishes.

Let’s see if I’ve remembered how Markdown works. help

July 17, 2018

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