If you thought GDPR compliance was annoying, this is going to be the black death compared to a mild cold. If you have a business model that involves taking in content from the public online, it’s time to get out of that business, because this just made it impossible.

Eleanor Saitta on Twitter, regarding the new EU online copyright directives.

I talked about this on the newsletter at the weekend a bit, but in broad terms I think Ella probably has it right. It’s not just going to affect the EU - anyone who interacts with the EU will strike it, just as non-GDPR-compliant US news operations block views from the EU.

Like everything else these days, I’m watching from a distance. I work in older businesses and largely on legacy platforms. My idiot country is busy murdering itself by Brexit, all my work is in the US, I’m off social media and I use the internet to send letters. It feels like the blowback from this is going to be manifold. This is mostly a note to myself to watch what happens.

September 12, 2018

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