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On November 13 2017 I posted this to Mastodon:

ME: sits alone in the wasteland for a year, making tools out of the bones of abandoned accounts

COMICS TWITTER: hey look new space there’s nothing here but bones and that old guy in the hood whittling something

ME: stop looking at my bone wife i’ve been alone here for decades

I set up an account on in November 2016.

Design Tech Twitter arrived a few weeks ago. And was presented with the problem of a federated social network - it exists on many many instances at once, and you have to join one, and the whole system is a bit slow to propagate out things like avatars and bios. And you have to guess which instance you want to be on. sounds central. looks like a dark web address. But one has no primacy over another in the United Instances Of Mastodon.

My account was locked. I see people trying to follow me from two or three different instance accounts at once. I think one of the pain points of Mastodon is making itself clear — people join whatever instance was made visible to them, and then find an instance all their friends are on. The onboarding process will need adapting, if this adoption cycle doesn’t end in a couple of weeks.

I will probably never find out. The instance I joined, if I look at the local timeline, is basically loud crap. But! They finally solved one of Mastodon’s peculiar early quirks — you can now delete your account.

So I just deleted mine.

August 29, 2018

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